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Toyota Innova Car In India

A true international car, the Toyota Innova was first introduced in India in 2005. It is manufactured under the imv platform and falls under the mpv design as per the European standard of classification. This means that the vehicle is less than 4600 mm in length. Toyota

Mahindra Bolero Car in India

Power, looks, size and performance define Mahindra Bolero. The car is very suitable for any Indian roads. The Bolero cars have always been known for their durability, strength, more accommodation space and sporty looks. The new range comes with these features as well as some additional features

Chevrolet Tavera Car in India

The new Chevrolet Tavera is a car to die for if people’s reviews and other car manufacturers’ reviews and views on it are anything to go by. Almost everything from its fuel consumption, the different types of available engines and transmissions and varying cost depending on specifications