A true international car, the Toyota Innova was first introduced in India in 2005. It is manufactured under the imv platform and falls under the mpv design as per the European standard of classification. This means that the vehicle is less than 4600 mm in length.

Toyota Innova was first manufactured in the year 2003 in Indonesia. In India it replaced the Toyota Qualis upon its introduction into the market. The vehicle is a leap of about two generations from the Qualis in space and quality. It has been received quite well by the minivan market for commercial and personal use. It is a highly ambitious project and has been eagerly awaited by the taxi businesses prior to its release.

The design of the vehicle is classy and its improvisation from the Qualis is quite evident. The notable features in its design are:

  • Height –the vehicle rides high which ensures a smooth ride on bumpy roads.
  • 15 inch tyres making it one of the nest wheels in the Indian market.
  • The interiors are of smooth finish and of high comfort.
  • Fabric seats of high quality
  • Adjustable rear seat
  • Seat belts for front and rear seats
  • High quality plastics used
  • Music system is at a higher level for better readability
  • Remote control for the stereo mounted on the handle.

The Toyota Innova supports petrol and diesel engines with features like:

  • 16 valve, 2494 cc CRDi diesel engine
  • 4 cylinder, 2 L petrol engine
  • Both of them have a manual speed transmission of 5
  • It is an 8 seater
  • The vibrations, noise usually associated with diesel engines on high and slow speed are not a feature to be bothered about with this vehicle.
  • 13-17 km of mileage
  • Car weighs 1640kgs
  • Fuel tank capacity is 55 litres

The notable safety features of the vehicle are:

  • Airbags
  • Collapsible steering
  • Side door impact beam feature
  • Child protector locks
  • Anti lock brakes
  • Climate control which is automatic

Some design variations in the Innova worth mentioning are Innova VX, Innova GX, CRDi, Innova E CRDi-MS.
In the Indian market the Innova has 12 variants. There are petrol and diesel variants. The petrol variants are powered by a 20L engine that has a power of 1998cc, has four inline cylinders which a fuel injection technology which is electric and improves performance and efficiency of the car.

The diesel variants are powered by:

  • 2.5 L
  • 2494 cc
  • 2KD-FTV
  • Diesel engine with turbo charger
  • 4 Inline cylinder
  • Common rail direct injection fuel supply system

The major models of Toyota Innova that are available in India are listed below:

Toyota Innova 2.0 G1 petrol : This is an 8 seater and is a petrol variant. It comes with features like remote locking, power windows, airbags, central locking etc.

Toyota Innova 2.4 G1 petrol: This is an 8-seater petrol variant as well and offers additional features like rear vents, rear wiper and height adjustment for the driver’s seat.

Toyota Innova 2.0 v petrol : This is the most preferred petrol variant. It comes with many built in customer friendly and safety features like fog lamps, ABS, automatic climate control, alloy wheels, Wooden panels, etc

Toyota Innova 2.5 E diesel MS : This is the first tier diesel variant with standard features like clock, cigarette lighter, audio system, ABS, power outlet, airbags etc. It is an 8 seater as well.

Toyota Innova 2.5 E diesel MS 7: This has the same feature as the previous one, but is a 7 seater and has a slide at the rear seat and power steering.

Toyota Innova 2.5 E diesel PS: This is similar to the above except that it has a rear bench and is a8 seater.

Toyota Innova 2.5 E diesel PS 7: This has the same features but is a 7 seater.

Toyota Innova 2.5 G1 Diesel: This is an 8 seater with features like clock, tachometer, cigarette lighter, driver seat belt warning etc.

Toyota Innova 2.5 G4 Diesel 7-seater: Some of the important features are rear vents, fabric seats, adjustable seats etc.

Toyota Innova 2.5 G4 Diesel 8-seater: This is 8 seater with all the above features

Toyota Innova 2.5 V Diesel 7-seater: This is the high end offering of the Toyota Innova. It has great features like alloy wheels, fog lamps, dual airbags, driver and passenger seat belt warnings, sic speakers for the music system etc.

Toyota Innova 2.5 V Diesel 8-seater: This has all the above features and more but is a 7 seater.

Though manufactured to be a UV, the Toyota Innova is not usually perceived to be a UV or a SUV, instead it is classified as a brand in itself. With this innovation, the company has redefined motoring in its own way. It is stylish, contemporary, comfortable and most importantly has been very well received by the Indian market because it satisfies the needs of the common man. It is comfort and luxury and also exhibits the traditional Toyota look.