On a previous occasion, the Triumph Company of motorcycles had tried in vain to settle down comfortably in India. However, its deal with Bajaj Auto did not quite materialize. Bang in 2011, the motorcycle giant is again making the initiative for building up a crucial base in India. On June 28th, Nick Bloor, the CEO of Triumph Motors, formally announced the intention to open up a lucrative business of motorcycles in the country of India. Bloor has identified India as a growing market and has responded in kind.

The news comes to announce the arrival of Triumph’s latest two models. These are the wildly popular STO7 and Triumph GT650R motorcycles. Both have had a successful run in other economies in South Asia. The Triumph Motors has not yet announced when it will formally make its base in this country. This is still to be explained and made clear. However, Triumph’s latest models are also gaining a lot of fame and popularity among the certain sections of urban population. Such consumers actually have a great access to some of the best-selling models like Rocket, Tiger and Dayton. If Bloor’s initiative actually materializes, these consumers can also witness the arrival of Triumph’s latest models, which are awaited by global crowds.

The motorcycle industry in India has been thriving ever since the early days of the scooter and Enfield motorcycle. The scooter is a big hoot among the rural and small town folk. It is valued for its convenience. Motorbikes are more popular in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Here, the segment of buyers is also divided into modern scooters and high-end performance motorbikes and motorcycles. The trends shift according to economic strata and requirements of different people, who live in different parts of these cities and urban areas.

Bajaj has for long been the pioneer in launching scooters for middle class India. The faithful Chetak scooter has always served its purpose to working men. However, with Bajaj’s possible exit, the market of scoters has been left open for Asian companies. One of the biggest players is Honda. It is responsible for launching some of the modern and advanced scooters to cater to different segments of people. On the other hand, the motorbike industry is quite chaotic in India. Honda has exited from its long partnership with Hero. The field is left solely for the basic Indian firms like TVS, LML and so on. There have also been some International entrants like Enfield, Suzuki, Yamaha and Harley Davidson.

With Triumph considering a possible entry into this field, things are set to be perfect and normal for the motorcycle market in India. The company has already placed former Enfield head Ashish Joshi in charge of Triumph India. However, there is nothing definite yet about how and when this entry will be made into Indian markets. Triumph Motors has to clarify such doubts and queries. Till then, let’s wait and watch.