The Japanese two-wheeler company Yamaha has been thinking of launching a scooter for the consumers of India, in the Indian market, from a little time now. We had no traces of this, until the Company has decided to unleash their upcoming model of scooter at the 2012 Auto Expo. They plan on shocking their rivals Honda with this launch. To achieve this they have to be unique and very stylish.

This would be interesting as the launch of new Yamaha models are much awaited and it would be an interesting launch for Yamaha fans. For the rest it will be interesting to study the differences in the two wheeler market of India.

Further study reveals to us that with an investment of Rs.10 Crores in places such as a small town in Uttar Pradesh called Surajpur, Yamaha wants these to be the place of assembling of all the scooters which would be here in 2012. The model of this Scooters is typically set to compete with the Honda Scooters which has a good market share in India. Unlike in India, Yamaha hold up to 46 per cent of market share in Indonesia, is now claimed to be their target set for India, by Hiroyuki Suzuki, the CEO and Managing Director, Yamaha India.

Last year at the Auto Expo in New Delhi all that Yamaha couldn’t do much other than presenting a few of their scooters which are primarily gearless in nature.The market of gearless products has been growing alarmingly in India. Till now they have not been able to finally decide as to which model should be launched, taking in consideration the tough competition in the market. Their rivals Honda’s model of Activa is doing unexceptionally well in the market today.

Therefore, the launch of 2012 is focused on style, smart and young design, personal comfort while transportation.

The manufacturing of these scooters would be at it’s either of existing factories are Surajpur or Faridabad, India.

Mr. Jun Nakata, the Yamaha Motor India Director and Chief Sales Officer claims that they have been carefully and deeply studying and understanding the demand of bikers in India, and with keeping all this in mind they have decided to launch their design in 2012. He also disclosed that they are targeting a double sales this year of approximately 5,00,000 units. To achieve this they do not plan on building new plants, but simply expanding the existing plants to one million from the current capacity of half-million.

Let us hope that the model introduced by Yamaha not only interests the competition further but also raises its standards.