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Eco Friendly Bikes get Cheaper

The Tamil Nadu state government has proposed a reduction in the VAT by about 10.5%. The Delhi state government has decided to go one step ahead and not only waive the VAT entirely but also offer incentives to the buyers. This is a part of the government’s

Launch of Yamaha Scooters in India

The Japanese two-wheeler company Yamaha has been thinking of launching a scooter for the consumers of India, in the Indian market, from a little time now. We had no traces of this, until the Company has decided to unleash their upcoming model of scooter at the 2012

Triumph Now To Score In India – The Motorcycle Giant To Settle Down Definitely

On a previous occasion, the Triumph Company of motorcycles had tried in vain to settle down comfortably in India. However, its deal with Bajaj Auto did not quite materialize. Bang in 2011, the motorcycle giant is again making the initiative for building up a crucial base in