German manufacturer of BMW cars said on Wednesday that they will facilitate in constructing sustainable cities in Mumbai and other cities around the globe. This is to address the problems that arise because of overpopulation and the insufficiency in facilities.

The BMW-Guggenheim is a mobile laboratory which is designed to discover brand new ideas in facilitating the construction of cities to make city life a lot easier.

The director of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum said that they wanted to have the first cycle of laboratory in Asia and after conducting their own research, they have decided to choose Mumbai. The city is lively with the highest number of people in the world.

The project is set to last for around six years covering about nine cities all over the world using only the mobile lab. They plan to travel three cities in phases and the first phase will be located in Mumbai, New York and Berlin.

Their goal is to provide comfort using the urban environment. They will explore urban environments to learn how it can help on people’s needs.