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Luxury Cars to Become Luxuries

With the budget for the financial year April 2012 – March 2013 revealed, luxury cars can become distant dreams even for those who were thinking about buying them. With the proposed increase in the excise duty for imported cars, an average luxury car is going to become

Honda-SIEL Boat Rocks

The long and strong friendship between the Honda Motor Company and Sriram Industrial Enterprises Limited is in jeopardy over the valuation of SIEL’s 5% stake. This relationship established in 1995 for manufacturing passenger cars gave birth to Honda SIEL’s Cars India (HSCI). It got into troubled waters

Eco Friendly Bikes get Cheaper

The Tamil Nadu state government has proposed a reduction in the VAT by about 10.5%. The Delhi state government has decided to go one step ahead and not only waive the VAT entirely but also offer incentives to the buyers. This is a part of the government’s

Mitsubishi Ventures in India: Small Car Manufacturing

Following the foot steps of it’s competitors, Japanese car manufacturer Misubishi Motor Corporation is considering opening a manufacturing unit for its ECOCAR Mirage in India. Post Nissan’s entry into the Indian market with a manufacturing unit in Chennai, Mitsubishi doesn’t want to stay far behind due to

Car Sales Go Up as a Post Budget Price Hike is Anticipated

As the entire country awaits Mr. Pranab Mukherjee’s announcement for the revised budget for the fiscal year 0212-2013, an increase has been observed in the purchase of cars after the July 2011 meltdown. For the first time in 3 years, the requirement for cars had reduced owing

BMW’s Plan to Facilitate in Constructing Sustainable Cities

German manufacturer of BMW cars said on Wednesday that they will facilitate in constructing sustainable cities in Mumbai and other cities around the globe. This is to address the problems that arise because of overpopulation and the insufficiency in facilities. The BMW-Guggenheim is a mobile laboratory which

The new A6 Sedan from Audi

Audi, the well-known automobile manufacturer from Germany launched their executive class Sedan A6 last Wednesday. The price of the car ranges from Rs 37.7 lakh to Rs 47 lakh. Michael Perschke, head of Audi India stated that their launch of the new Audi A6 is in line

Launch of Yamaha Scooters in India

The Japanese two-wheeler company Yamaha has been thinking of launching a scooter for the consumers of India, in the Indian market, from a little time now. We had no traces of this, until the Company has decided to unleash their upcoming model of scooter at the 2012

Deal in the Drains – Volkswagen and Suzuki

There was much ado about the million dollar deal between Suzuki Motor Corp and Volkswagen AG. The deal was to permit Suzuki to have access to Volkswagen’s high technologies and advanced hybrid, and in return they would be permitted access to their leading technology in small-cars. This

Gurgaon, new plant site for Maruti DZire

Hindered production as a consequence of labour contention in Manesar the past month has caused Maruti Suzuki to move the production plant of its Swift DZire to its Gurgaon facility. A clean slate, devoid of any major industrial dispute is what made Tata Motors choose the Gurgaon