Name: 800
Maruti 800 Price: Starts at Rs. 1,98,244
Car Body Type: Hatchback

Maruti Suzuki 800 is one of India’s most popular cars. It is a name known in every Indian household. The car was launched in the year 1983 in India and since then has become so famous that it now owes the entire credit for recognition of the company. The launch of this car marked a revolution in the automotive industry of India.

Maruti 800′s first model was the result of an alliance between a well-known company of Japan, Suzuki Motors and the Indian Government. This was because of the reputation Japan had for making quality car components. As time passed, the production started in India. The car continually reached new heights in India. Over the past years, the car has undergone numerous modifications to suit the ever-changing requirements of the present generation. Today Maruti 800 is vastly different from the first version, the interior and also the exterior. Technological modifications have also been done as per the emission norms.

The M800 is currently available in 4 varieties, which are powered by a 796 cc Inline 3 engine, generating 37 bhp. One of the variants, the M800 duo uses LPG and even petrol, and offers 35 bhp and 37 bhp of power respectively. Air-conditioned and standard versions are available for the M800 duo and petrol version. The LPG/petrol switching is convenient and it ensures that there is no power loss while the switching takes place. This car is equipped with a 20 litre LPG cylinder that occupies least space and is completelty safe. This variant moves on a Gas Mixer System that lets you use the fuel of your choice without compensating on the fuel efficiency. The car emits 10% lower carbon dioxide when running on LPG.

The car has slender and sleek dimensions. It has a 4.4 m of small turning radius such that the driver can easily take the car anywhere and in any direction. It is fitted with shock absorbers that are filled with gas, coil spring rear suspension and MacPherson Strut front suspension.

The M800 was originally designed with the sole desire and aim of providing safe and secure mobility to all the countrymen. As time has passed, and technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, the new M800 is equipped with the latest technologies and a range of appealing features. The all new Maruti Suzuki 800 is housed with rear combination lamps, clear lens headlamps and improvised dimensions, which adds a new zing to this car. A number of modifications have been made to the interior of the car, which includes the luggage and floor from room carpets, reclining seats, front door pocket, glove compartment and cabin light. All this offers not only a delightful ride but value for money to the consumer.

Apart from the new-age scintillating features of the M800, it also has a modern security system to ensure safety and complete peace of mind. The crumple zone is specially designed to absorb impact of an accident .It is also equipped with seat belts, side impact beams, collapsible steering column and headlamp leveling option for the driver to adjust the level of visibility. It is also equipped with an ICATS (Intelligent Computerized Anti-Theft System) technology. This ensures that the car engine starts with only the original key , thereby eliminating the risk of theft.