Power, looks, size and performance define Mahindra Bolero. The car is very suitable for any Indian roads. The Bolero cars have always been known for their durability, strength, more accommodation space and sporty looks. The new range comes with these features as well as some additional features to increase the performance and comfort of the car users. New standards and equipments have been introduced in it.The body of the car is substantially made and has rugged strength and is rust resistant.

There is a huge range of Mahindra Bolero cars and one has a number of varieties for a person to choose. It is one of the leading attempts to create a true multi-utility vehicle. Both the exteriors and interiors are built keeping in mind the demands of car buyers in India. All Mahindra Bolero cars have a stylish look with many functional features. There is one more advantage with it, which is that many service stations have opened up all over the country, which becomes a common problem of car users today.

The new models of Mahindra Bolero looks advanced with latest features and technology. The exterior surface is made with complete quantity of steel. The interior of the car is spacious and can occupy seven people at a time. There are rear footsteps to facilitate easy entry as well as exit and remove discomfort. It possesses a good ground clearance and a great fuel economy as compared to other cars. Mahindra bolero flaunts a muscular bumper and the rear side appears more decent and sophisticated with curved tail lights.

The car is very suitable for those with large families as the accommodation space is more and there is a proper seating arrangement. The new Mahindra Bolero has modified dash panel, appealing interior design and style with matching seats, an electronic shift, raised roof and a big range of colours one can choose from. The engine is powerful and shows a good performance and the car provides enough comfort to the rider. To add to the comfort there is an extended wheelbase. The emission levels are now less reduced thus the expense of maintenance of car is reduced. The different models from Bolero have an independent front suspension that has a coil spring suspension and leaf spring for the rear. The front suspension of the automobile is built to sustain the tough road conditions. The power steering has SLX & SLE standards. The shifting in the models is also smooth but could have been much better. There is a high ground clearance which prevents any damage to under carriage during the car ride. The Bolero has wide radial tyres ensuring a better grip on road thus facilitating safety.

The looks of the new models of Mahindra Bolero could have been more modern and sophisticated. The look is almost as the old one.

Thus the new range has latest technology and corresponds to latest ergonomics findings. This not only improves engine and vehicle performance but also ensures the comfort and ease of car rider.