The new Chevrolet Tavera is a car to die for if people’s reviews and other car manufacturers’ reviews and views on it are anything to go by. Almost everything from its fuel consumption, the different types of available engines and transmissions and varying cost depending on specifications is admirable about this car. The new Chevrolet Tavera consumes about 10.6/13.7 km/l. Available engines include the 2.5L I-40 80 bhp Diesel engine which is a favorite for many of the new proud owners of this super-machine. Another admirable feature of this car is its 5-speed Manual Transmission (MT) which blends in well with its Diesel engine.

Some of the very good advantages of this machine include agile handling, seats which are spacious enough to hold up to ten passengers and excellent interior finishes which bring about an atmosphere of tranquility. The seats in this car allow for great ergonomics which are a major concern for most car manufacturers in modern day designing of motor vehicles. Plainly put, the new Chevrolet Tavera is without a doubt Chevy’s highest state-of-the-art technology which provides for magnificent driving comfort. Coming this far, most major car promoters are quite impressed with the sales graph of this new model.

The major mark of this car in comparison to other Chevy’s is its distinctive single-bar grille which sports a large gold bow-tie emblem which is common with most Chevys. This emblem is firmly implanted on the vehicle and has very strong thickset sheet metals on its windows and roof. The fact that this car is very large provides for easy exit and entry into it especially due to the fact that the doors open relatively wider than most other cars of its type due to its large size.

The interior design of this car in terms of operations is amazing. The steering ability is quite easy especially when driving slowly which makes taking corners a breeze for expert drivers and learners alike. Fuel consumption of this car is magnificent, if the word is anything to go by. For the kind of energy the car has and the manner in which its manual gear box shifts smoothly, one would only but remain amazed at the manner in which it consumes fuel. In addition to its amazing interior operational advantages and features, the new Chevrolet Tavera has a very versatile design in its inside which helps accommodate cargo and passengers alike with a lot of ease.

For a start, the new Chevy is available in three different variants. These include Neo-2, Neo and Base. Its 2.5 direct injection turbo-diesel engine produces 80bhp of power. This is paramount to 186Nm of torque. This combines with its mega transmission, which is manual, and which offers seamless shifts. The interior build and style of the new Chevrolet Tavera is another admirable feature of this machine. The interiors of this vehicle are extremely comfortable and the manner in which the cabin has been layout is without a doubt very simple, refined and thoughtful. The air-conditioner of this new Chevy model is arranged in a unique triple-row allowing for the three different rows to cater for each of the passenger rows in this car.