BMW creates a new benchmark sedan by launching its BMW 3 series. It would not be exaggerating to say that BMW is one of the most popular, sophisticated, desired and renowned car in India. Brilliant and up to the mark performance has been shown always by BMW and its BMW 3 series continues the trend.

The BMW 3 series is a luxury car. It has advanced design be it interior or exterior, latest technology and captivating looks. The car is designed with technical and engineered advancements and it provides outstanding performance, brilliant looks. It is a true sport sedan in the Indian car market. The car has a sporty exterior and technological innovations are introduced in its design.

The car is available in two petrol and two diesel varieties. The petrol variants have 2.0L Inline-4, 2.5L Inline-6 and 3.0L Inline-6 engines. On the other hand the diesel variants of the car are powered by 2.0L Inline-4 engines. This consumes less than six liters of petrol for every 100 kilometer distance. The car has improved acceleration and better performance. The comfort while driving the car is also kept in mind and is facilitated by efficient suspension.

Another striking feature of the car is its energy efficient dynamics which substantially improves the overall performance. This pack of intelligent features when work in co-ordination with each other reduces energy emissions thus the amount of fuel consumption greatly reduces. This feature of this series boosts the performance of the car. There is an aluminum double joint front axle which helps in better driving dynamics. Also the five arm rear axle provides stability and better handling of car while driving.

An absolute and divine driving experience is provided to the rider due to its comfort, powerful engine, latest technology, efficient suspensions and technical innovations. The build and style of the car is latest, artistically engineered, carefully designed, and with improved aerodynamics. The interior and exterior of the car are built and crafted with finest quality materials. There is an advanced car audio system, HiFi loudspeaker, sports leather steering wheel, and multi-functional controls. Multimedia interface is there for easy handling and USB ports are also there. The car is very user friendly and it provides optimum comfort to the one who drives it. The new BMW 3 series is in true sense a luxury car with sophisticated looks, better control over car and driving and technology used in designing it. Attention is paid to driver comfort and cabin interiors, which is very much clear seeing the build quality of the car.

The car has a safety feature, the state of art feature which provides stability and control over the car. The highlights of the series are innovative lighting technology, Safety Body shell, excellent fuel efficiency, and automatic head lamp leveling. It has intelligent airbags, lightweight chassis and run flat tyres. The headlamps provide better illumination thus facilitating better security. But there is a drawback that the car alarm system is available only in the 325i model of BMW 3 series.